Bianca + Sean

The Story of the Two Fruits

One day . . .

There was a happy happy little girl.

. . . but she was an only flower

“How I wish I was not alone” she said. “I wish there were other flowers like me.”

“I want many many flowers to play with . . . and she counted them: one, two, three . . . “

Then one day, a basket came . . . “What could be inside this basket?” she asked herself.

It’s a little baby boy. “You now have a baby brother!” her mom said.

“Brother? What is a brother?”

Mom and Dad held the new basket where the baby boy lay. “Mommy, mommy, can you hold me also?”

“This baby boy is different from me.” “I wanted many flowers, but somehow I think the baby inside the basket is not like me” she said.

“Can I be like him instead?”


Mom and Dad always held the boy’s basket. The baby is getting bored w/ all the carrying.

The little girl felt lonely. She wanted her Mom and Dad to hold her also.

Everyone keeps talking about the new cutie in town. She became sad 🙁

. . . but then she began to think!

“Boy or girl, we are fruits that came from the same tree.”

“Maybe I can learn to play with this baby brother of mine . . .”

. . . and suddenly the baby smiled and broke into laughter.

“I love my new baby brother.” . . . and she gave her baby an warm kiss . . .

“I will be the best sister ever!” she said. The sad girl is now a happy happy girl once more. Mommy tree will be proud of her fruits.

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